Fun Circus Skills Workshops

Suitable For School Days, Fun Days, Parties and Festivals

Circus workshops are lots of fun for children aged 3 - 12 and parents and carers.

Workshops can be presented in a structured and fun way, or they can be more open ended, come and go as you please. 

See Mr. Bert's spectacular demonstration and have a go yourself.

Come away with new skills and make your own circus routine.

Circus skills workshop - great for hand eye co-ordination and spatial awareness.
  • Scarf and ball juggling 
  • Feather balancing 
  • Diablo, plate spinning 
  • Chinese ribbons 
  • Poi 
  • Flower sticks  
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    Clown Bert Bert is a careful clown & bashful but he soon finds his feet & dazzles with bubbles, slapstick comedy, & hooter,
    To book your circus skills workshop or your amazing fire show call Clown Bert on  
    07960 994 953 or
    01225 444 663
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